Troubleshooting – Why your Wolf gas oven not lighting up

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Wolf appliances are among the most dependable appliances on the market. So if your Wolf gas range won’t light, you want to know why. We have listed some of the most common causes for a Wolf range not working so you can try to determine how to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting – Why your Wolf gas oven not lighting up

Check the power source

Does the front panel of your Wolf range have a lighted display? If not, then you need to check the power source. If your Wolf range won’t turn on, you can check the electrical connection in a few ways:

Check the circuit breaker panel – see if there has been an electrical failure and a circuit has been shut off. If so, reset the circuit breaker to restore power.
Check the local outlet – see if there is a reset button for the few outlets it serves.
Check the range unit’s plug – make sure it’s fully inserted into the wall, and that there is no visible damage to the plug to indicate a short.

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If you have inspected the electrical power connections from your Wolf gas range not lighting and there is still no illumination, then you should call an electrician to check your house’s electrical system.

Check for any moisture in the burners

Fire thrives in dry conditions. So if you have any moisture in the burner assembly, you can count on the spark to fail. A Wolf gas range won’t light if the ignitor has been doused with liquid – answer these questions:

  • Did a pot boil over?
  • Was the oven recently cleaned with spray/liquid cleaner?
  • Did food splatter out from vigorous stirring?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, then it is likely there is liquid interfering with the ignitor, thus preventing a spark from lighting the range. Wait 5 minutes for the area to dry out and try again.


Check for Food Debris in the Burner

If your Wolf gas range won’t light, another likely culprit could be you! When burners get a lot of use with a busy chef, it is not uncommon for food debris to find its way inside the burner. When the igniter gets blocked or clogged with food debris, it can cause burner clicking or ignition failure.

Inspect and clean the burner like this:

  • Remove the grate and burner cap
  • Wipe with burner with damp cloth
  • Use a paper clip to clear the port
  • Ensure everything is dry before replacing

Once you’ve freed up the burner to create a spark again, you should be back in business!

The safest way to repair problems when your Wolf gas range won’t light is to hire one of our qualified technicians for Wolf range repair. Call our service line: (800) 440-8583