Sub Zero BI-36RG Refrigerator with Glass Door Price and Review











Sub Zero BI-36RG Refrigerator with Glass Door Price and Review

The Sub Zero BI-36RG is a 36 inch width Built-in Refrigerator with glass door with a retail price of $7,295 – $7,925. The other two options that you have are the BI-36R or the BI-36F
(freezer only model). It has a overall height of 84 inch with a total depth of 24 inch. It has a standard door clearance of 37 1/4 inch and a flush inset of 37 3/4 inch. The opening of this
product is 35 1/2 inch and a flush inset width of 38 inch.
It also has an opening height of 83 3/4 inch that has a flush inset height of 84 inch. The opening depth of this refrigerator is 24 inch and a flush inset depth of 26 3/16 inch.


Digital microprocessor regularly keeps track of whole system to ensure proper meals storage space atmosphere.
Air refinement system reduces odors, microorganisms, viruses and ethylene gas.
Triple-pane, UV-resistant glass doorway – higher height glass available.
Lightened touch control board.
Bright interior lighting throughout, featuring storage space drawer area.
Changeable spill-proof glass racks.
Soft-close crisper and deli compartments develop a lower temperature zone suitable for produce and meats.
Easy-access flip-up grille.
Educational freshness cards.


Grilles for 83″ or 88″ finished height (84″ is standard).
Framed front panel in white or stainless steel.
Flush inset and dual flush inset panels in stainless steel with tubular or pro handle.
Dual installation kit with or without dual wide grille, 84″ finished height.
Custom front panel mounting kit.
Side panel in white or stainless steel.
Stainless steel kickplate.
Framed grille insert and full-length handle.
Stainless steel tubular and pro handles.
Dozen egg container.
Replacement air purification cartridge.
Retrofit kit for 600 series panels.
90° door stop.
Interior Features: Refrigerator:
23.5 cu ft Capacity
Air Purification System
4 Adjustable Glass Shelves
1 Stationary Glass Shelf
1 High-Humidity Drawer with Dividers
2 Storage Drawers with Dividers
Triple-Pane UV-Resistant Glass Door


This refrigerator glass door is framed, overlay, flush inset and classic stainless steel design options. Flush inset design installation
option allows unit to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry. Air purification system. Evenly-distributed bright interior lighting. Adjustable, spill-proof
glass shelves. Door shelves are adjustable in one-inch increments. Crisper and deli drawers form a special low-temperature zone. Informational freshness cards inside unit.

If you need service or maintenance for your Sub Zero BI-36RG Refrigerator please call our toll free number: 800-440-8583

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About Sub-Zero refrigeration

About Sub-Zero refrigeration

Sub-Zero really manufacturers two styles of refrigeration, their professional built-in (BI) series and an integrated or flush (700) series.

Sub-Zero was started by Westye F. Bakke, who built the first freestanding freezer in the basement of his Madison, WI home in 1943. He was a businessman with a keen sense for trends and a strong knowledge of refrigeration. He would found Sub-Zero Freezer Company just two years later in an old two car garage (funny how most of the appliance companies start that way).

Sub-Zero remains a family owned company to this day and still features twin compressors for better temperature and odor control as well as magnetic crispers and a vacuum seal to arrest air infiltration in order to keep food fresher, longer (which happens to be the company motto).

Sub-Zero Built-In Refrigerator BI Series












Sub-Zero offers a slew of options in the “Built-In” category. This type of unit is available in a standard height of 84”, a standard depth of 24” and varying widths ranging from 30” to 48”. These units vent from the top and the classic stainless steel grill helps provide a professional look to highlight the kitchen. Built-in refrigerators can be installed with overlay panels (custom cabinet look) or with stainless steel door panels. A flush inset design installation option also allows the unit to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry. There are 2 different handle options available: Pro and tubular.

subzero-builtin-refrigerator-bi36s subzero-builtin-refrigerator-bi42s subzero-builtin-refrigerator-bi48s
BI-36S Built-In Refrigerator BI-42S Built-In Refrigerator BI-48S Built-In Refrigerator

Models and Prices:

  • BI-36R (all refrigerator) – Starting at $5649.00 (also available with glass door)
  • BI-36F (all freezer) – Starting at $5759.00
  • Refrigerator with Freezer drawer options:
    • BI-30U – Starting at $7049.00 (also available with glass door)
    • BI-36U – Starting at $7269.00 (also available with glass door)
    • BI-36UFD – Starting at $8499.00
  • Side by Side options:
    • BI-36S – Starting at $7099.00
    • BI-42S – Starting at $7819.00
    • BI-48S – Starting at $7939.00

Side by Side units are available with internal or external water and ice dispensers.

In addition to the twin compressors, seal and magnetic crispers, the BI series also offers a unique “air scrubber” and water purifying system. Foods emit ethylene gases as they spoil. The air scrubber scrubs the ethylene gases off foods allowing them to stay fresher longer as well as not allowing the gases to cross contaminate other foods.

Sub-Zero Integrated 700 Series



Sub-Zero offers several options with its 700 Series Integrated refrigerators. They can be used anywhere in the home, they merge seamlessly into the décor, with no visible hinges or grilles. Some models offer an upper cabinet refrigerator with freezer storage drawers. These units are 80” in height, 24” in depth and available in 27” or 36” in width. There are also all freezer or refrigerator columns. These units are 81” in height, 24” in depth and 27” wide. Other integrated options include, under-counter drawers & wine preservation units.

Typically, integrated units are set up with overlay panels. Stainless steel panels are also available, but must be purchased separately. Unlike the built-in units, these units vent on the bottom.

subzero-integrated-refrigerator-700tci subzero-integrated-refrigerator-736tci
700TCI Integrated Refrigerator 736TCI Integrated Refrigerator

Here is a list of different Integrated Styles:

  • 736TCI (refrigerator w/ freezer drawers) – $7049.00
  • 736TR (all refrigerator w/ fridge drawers) – $6999.00
  • 736TFI (all freezer w/ freezer drawers) – $7049.00
  • 700TCI – (refrigerator w/ freezer drawers) $6439.00
  • 700TR (all refrigerator w/ fridge drawers) – $6289.00
  • 700TFI (all freezer w/ freezer drawers) – $6439.00
  • IC-27R (all refrigerator column) – $5999.00
  • IC-27FI (all freezer column) – $6099.00
  • 700BC(I) (fridge / freezer drawers – ice optional) – $3839.00
  • 700BR (refrigerator drawers) – $3569.00
  • 700BF (freezer drawers – ice optional) – $3599.00
  • 427G (wine storage / glass door) – $5899.00
  • 427RG (wine storage / glass doors / 2 bulk storage drawers) – $6599.00

Sub-Zero BI vs 700 Series Refrigerators

Altough the BI has better features with the air scrubber and the water purifier, it is a question of style. The integrated look totally hides the refrigerator behind cabinets, where as the BI and pro built-in is way more pronounced especially in stainless steel.