36 Inch Built-In Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Glass Door

Wrinkled fruit, wilted lettuce. You’ve seen your share of past due, even spoiled food in the refrigerator. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way – the Sub-Zero 36 Inch Built-in Bottom Freezer Refrigerator keeps your food fresher longer with the most advanced food preservation technology available – technology developed through almost 70 years of research. That means crisper greens, juicier peppers, blueberries that burst with flavor – even weeks after you’ve brought them home from the market. You’ll taste the difference.

With dual refrigeration, fresh foods thrive in a humid yet chilly climate, while frozen and convenience foods get the dry, frigid air they need. An air purification system inspired by NASA technology scrubs the air of ethylene gas, bacteria, mold and viruses. A magnetic door seal system locks in cold, while an advanced microprocessor monitors each section of your Sub-Zero for pinpoint climate control. Storage capacity for Sub-Zero PRO3650GRH refrigerator is a generous 18.4 cu. ft. refrigerator, 4.3 cu. ft. freezer. Bottom line More flavorful, delicious food for you, your family, your guests.

Features of Sub-Zero PRO3650GRH refrigerator:

UV-Resistant Glass Door

  • Using triple-pane glass, this stylish door resists UV light to protect your food from spoilage.

Dual Refrigeration

  • Each Integrated combination unit boasts separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Fresh food stays fresher in cool, moist air on one side, while frigid, dry air prevents frost and freezer burn on the other.
  • Provides optimum preservation conditions for each type of food.

Air Purification System

  • Many fresh foods emit ethylene gas, a natural compound that hastens spoilage.
  • Sub-Zero’s Integrated refrigerators come with a built-in antimicrobial air purification system (based on technology developed by NASA).
  • It scrubs the air of ethylene, as well as mold, viruses and bacteria every 20 minutes.

Water Filtration System

  • Designed to reduce suspended particles, chemical pollutants, viruses and bacteria when purifying water for the purest ice.
  • This low-maintenance system uses a filter built to last 1 year or 750 gallons.
  • Replacement is fast and easy.

Crystal Interior Featuring Nano-Coated Spill-Proof Shelving

  • A micro-thin layer of coating applied to the perimeter of each shelf prevents spills from spreading.
  • Makes cleanup a breeze and eliminating the need for bulky plastic edging.
  • The result is a clear interior that maximizes visibility of food.

Soft-Close Doors and Drawers

  • This feature, commonly found on high-end cabinetry, gives the Integrated refrigeration lineup a rich and sturdy feel.

Soft-On LED Lighting

  • Energy-efficient LEDs offer varying degrees of brightness, enabling you to customize preferences by controlling intensity levels.

Smart-Touch Control Panel

  • This interactive and easy-to-use panel employs touchscreen technology to precisely control temperatures and give you more access to more settings.
  • The clean panel’s small footprint further refines the interior.

Low Temperature/High Humidity Storage Zones

  • Crispers are strategically located near the evaporator to maintain temperatures a few degrees cooler than the rest of the unit.
  • Drawers are sealed to lock in humidity and freshness.

Energy Star Qualified. Star-K Certified

  • Star-K Kosher certified as Sabbath and holiday-compliant.

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