Our Repair Warranty, Your Safeguard



Sub Zero parts warranty 2019ACME Sub Zero Repair Service company is proud of the quality of our work. We strive to make your appliances run trouble-free for a long time. To ensure this, we offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the L.A. appliance repair industry:


Our parts are guaranteed for an UNBEATABLE  LIFETIME period;

Labor remains under warranty for 3  years. Our Warranty sticker with date of service and technician name on it could be easily found inside repaired appliance.


With one of the best warranties in the industry, we share your pain when a part fails prematurely. If your Sub Zero Wolf appliance develops any other problems within 3 years of the original service call, we promise a 50% discount on labor. All service/repair payments are final and no refunds will be processed. 

 ACME Sub Zero Repair Service company warrants any parts installed on your appliances from the original date of service unless otherwise stated. The original receipt must be retained for proof of warranty. Non-payment of service voids any warranties. ACME will service your appliance on-site, within our normal service area only. At our option, we will repair your appliance with like and/or similar parts. If the appliance is serviced by anyone other than ACME, this warranty is void.



  • Improper installation and maintenance by the customer.

  • Replacement of house fuses, resetting circuit breakers or turning on water valves.

  • Failure of the product if it is used for other than its intended purpose, abuse or used commercially.

  • Parts that becomes no longer available from the manufacturer.

  • Normal wear, corrosion, or cosmetic damage and/or other damage that does not affect functionality.

  • Electric or Electronic parts damaged do to short circuits or power surges.

  • Sealed system refrigeration repairs that involve leaks or blockages when the origin of problem cannot be determined.


Have questions? We have knowledgeable operators standing by seven days a week to explain our policies and warranty terms: (800) 440-8583