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Received on Yelp June 18, 2019

IMG 42721 Mark at Acme Sub-Zero Repair is a superstar! He fixed our 20-year-old Sub-Zero TWICE within about six months (first the refrigerator, then the freezer a few months later). Each time, I called him AFTER our home warranty company sent out several different technicians (from different companies) for each problem. Those technicians spent many hours during many service calls “fixing” then “re-fixing” the elevated temperatures in both the refrigerator and the freezer (only to have the problems return within a few days). Needless to say, Mark is the only one who got it right (for both the refrigerator and the freezer) and fixed them on his first visit.

He is knowledgeable, professional and is happy to explain the nature of the problem to the customer. Mark asks many questions about the problem (including the model# and serial#) BEFORE the appointment, so he can bring any equipment he might need. None of the other companies took the time to do that and as a result, there were follow-up appointments.

I will NEVER again waste my time with the home warranty company for the Sub-Zero. This refrigerator/freezer requires a specialist – and Mark is an expert.

Since he did such a good job, I probably won’t see him again any time soon. Hopefully, others will read this and know that he is the man to call for problems with Sub-Zeroes!

Judy L., Anaheim Hills, CA, Orange County

Received on  Yelp 6/9/2018

I called Mark after hunting around on Yelp for a reputable Sub Zero appliance repair service. My refrigerator had stopped staying cold, after a month of not being able to hold temperature consistently. Mark responded to my inquiry promptly and came out to my house for a service call. Unfortunately for me, my condenser needed to be replaced, among other parts. It was an expensive job, but Mark gave me a fair price and completed the work in about three hours on a Saturday, to fit with my schedule (and due to my desperation). The parts are warrantied for 8 years, which is much longer than the 1-2 years most repair companies offer. Mark assured me that the fridge will run like new for years to come, and told me to feel free to reach out to him if there are any further issues. I highly recommend his work!  Surati F. Playa Del Rey, CA

Received on  Yelp 5/22/2018

Mark was quick to find out what needed to be replaced. Honest service and a friendly personality.
Would work with again, without hesitation. Huge thanks. Good experience overall, skilled and knows his sub zero units like a pro!

Ben C, Malibu, CA

Received on 01/24/2016

Sub Zero 690 model repair in Malibu CAI have an 17 years old Sub Zero refrigerator in bottom freezer that stop getting cold in the refrigerator part of the refrigerator. I opened it up and vacuumed the coils and compressor area. It still did not work. I called toll free number and spoke with Michael. Technician Mark came the same day, took a look at the fan and it started working as soon as he opened it up. He said it should be ok but if not he will return to replace the van and put the cost of repair towards the cost of the fan. He charged $175 and explained what to look for next time and how to know if the compressor is still good. They re professional, reliable, and helpful. Most importantly, they re skilled at what they do and follow through to fix your problem! I highly recommend ACME Appliance Repair if you need an honest reliable repair. Sarah Sulivan, Los Angeles, CA

Received on 04/29/2015

Mark is top-rate, honest, knowledgeable, and thorough! I contacted ACME Sub-Zero Repair company to fix the ice maker in my Sub-Zero refrigerator. The issue proved to be rather difficult to diagnose and time consuming to repair. The bill was perhaps more than fair for ALL the work that was done, and parts installed. Of course this is in keeping with every other aspect of dealing with ACME, and Mark. The scheduling process was easy, and Mark was on time. Bottom line – use this guy – I strongly recommend Mark, with out hesitation or reservation! I will 100% use them again for any type of appliance repair. You just don’t meet people who do this type of quality work anymore. I was so absolutely impressed! If I could give Mark ten stars I would! Sara S Morton, Beverly Hills, CA

Received on 11/05/13

Our freezer was icing up, and there was ice forming in the back of the refrigerator part. It would melt, then ice up again. Big puddles of water were running down the kitchen floor. We didn’t have anyone, so I did a Google search and found ACME company, which is very close to where we live. I went to the site, and it sounded good. However, I was skeptical. Of course it was going to say good things. But I called toll free number, and we had a nice conversation with customer service person. I explained everything to him, and he tried to see if there was something I could do about it first over the phone. What he suspected was true, and I wanted him to take care of it, which he did – he send us technician Mark. I was really amazed at what Mark knew, and how fast he took care of the problem. Now the refrigerator works like new (and it’s over 15 years old!). We’re really happy with his work – and the price was very reasonable. Mark’s super friendly, very knowledgeable, fun to deal with. We’ll never call anyone else for repair work. So I’m very happy that we found him, and I totally recommend ACME repair company to anyone. Charlie Walls, Los Angeles, CA, 90049

Received on 05/27/12

Sub-Zero-refrigerator-BI-48-repaired-in-Glendale-Jan-2015-2 Service call was scheduled for my side by side Sub Zero refrigerator. Technician was there between 10-2pm. He arrives within the time He said, checked the fridge and gave me the run down. Before I go on, I just want to say that I’ve never had any prior experience with appliance repair folks but I gotta say that I really appreciated Gerry s cleanliness. The guy had a clean stark white shirt and asked if he could wash his hands before he started any work. Righteous! Anyway, after the damage report I was not a happy camper cuz the fridge is relatively new but it was what it was, a broken heating element that defrosts the fridge and broken sensors that regulates the temps of the freezer and fridge. Initially, I couldn’t determine if it was a fair price but judging from Gerry s professionalism and manners, I d say it was a very competitive price. Before he started any work he went back to his truck to see if he had the parts and like any real professional, he had the parts on hand. The guy repaired the fridge and defrosted the freezer in little over an hour using some high pressure commercial steamer. Boom Bam Done!!! Cheers Gerry! Thank you! Helena Dashew, Pacific Palisades, CA, 90272

Received on 08/10/11

I called ACME Appliance when my Wolf oven broke it was the night before Thanksgiving and they were closed. I explained to them that I had a large family coming tomorrow and was in desperate need. Dennis came out after hours and had the part in his van. He fixed my Wolf oven and didn’t even charge me after hours prices. I will definitely use these guys again. Thanks Dennis! Barbara Vetsky, Santa Monica, CA, 91402

Received on 06/29/11

 I have used these guys for over 10 years, initially to service some seriously out of date kitchen and house appliances but later to recommend and handle some appliance repair/ replacements. They were the only ones who were familiar with and serviced a 16 year old refrigerator and wine cooler that was in the house when I moved in. I have also used them for emergency appliance replacements in rental units ans they always have solutions to my problems. They are excellent as they always send technicians who know what they’re doing or are honest and will follow up when they don’t. I have a very difficult time dealing with service people but I wholeheartedly recommend these folks and have never had a problem. Most companies have technicians and sales people that are all too interested in taking your money and delivering very little after the sale service or send folks who appear to have very little experience. These ACME folks are the exception. Thanks! Jacob Adair, Brentwood, CA, 90049

Received on 11/11/10

sub-zero-532-repaired-2014  We live in Sherman Oaks more than 20 years. My old but still in good shape Wolf stove stopped heating up. I called ACME and their response was fast, with my refrigerator being so old he had to track down a part. Mark did an impeccable job, response was excellent, very impressed with tech. The repairman had to leave my house to go and get the part. After going the extra mile for good service the repair was very fair and I even got a senior discount. So I’m very happy with ACME and will recommend them to all my friends. I have referred that company to my sister and told her ACME Appliance is a solid and honest company. Stanley Johnston, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91403

 Received on 06/01/10

 Edward was able to fit me into his schedule very quickly and arrived on time. I had a broken ice maker in my refrigerator and he took the time to show me what was broken. He told me exactly what a new one would cost — including the labor — and had one in his truck. It was installed in 15 minutes and while he waited to make sure it was making ice properly, he also diagnosed and fixed a problem we had with our water dispenser for the last 4 years that no one else could figure out. I’m not sure what these other people are talking about. I could not have been more impressed with my service call. Robbie Carlson, Encino, CA, 91316

 Received on 04/21/10

Gerry, ACME Repair’s serviceman, asked a few questions and diagnosed the problem with our oven in a matter of seconds. The starter was defective. He had the oven in working order within 15 minutes of his arrival. The price was reasonable and Gerry’s demeanor professional. I placed a ACME sticker on the side of the fridge for future reference. The next time something goes awry with an appliance, I won’t be calling anyone else. Brown Collins, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, 90275

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